Sharon Davis, Quantum Healing Dedicated Practitioner in Houston

The conversation regarding results from clients continues.

Sharon is a lovely woman  with whom I have corresponded for quite a few years now. She is a valuable member of our Quantum Healing Support Forum. Note that not every Practitioner starts out with “psychic skills.” On the contrary, Dolores is very careful to say she is “not psychic” at all and many of her Practitioners would agree the same statement applies to them. (However, in actuality it appears “being psychic” is a basic human intuition skill most of us have simply chosen not to develop.)

Here is Sharon speaking about the concept that only one Quantum Healing session might be all that any client would ever need to see a positive change in their life. We don’t often run across this concept in other “businesses”. Most, if not all  therapists, want repeat sessions with their clients.

I have done psychic and astrological readings for over 40 years. Many people come every month without fail for the pick me up that it gives. These same people, after getting a Quantum Healing session, find that they no longer are dependent on that to get them through their years. It corrects something very basic inside of them that changes them and the way they react to life in a very positive way. While I may have a lost a regular client, I am thrilled because that is one more person on their way to a more successful life. Spirit continually advises me that this is important work and that we need to all be reaching as many people as possible. There are many more people wanting and seeking to learn than there are teachers to teach them.

-Sharon Davis, Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing


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