So was that an Actual "Past Life" Memory or Simply "My Imagination?"

Recently my friend and fellow Quantum Healing colleague Lorna Wilson was asked if Quantum Healing or regression therapy could be beneficial to someone who did not believe in the concept of a “past life.” The following was her response.

If someone wants to explore their inner awareness then regression therapy is beneficial. Clinical studies have proven that Past Life Regression therapy has profound psychosomatic results in finding the originating causes of physical diseases and is beneficial for a variety of mental disturbances or psychological discomforts.

As a therapy past life regression allows us to disengage from our immediate life circumstances allowing our own subconscious to bring to the forefront of our mind a ‘story’ or ‘stories’ that match emotionally what we are experiencing. Imagine if you will that you can participate in a spontaneously created subconscious revelation where the answers that you are seeking are able to surface to the forefront of your awareness without you knowing how or what will be shown to you. The stories unfold bit by bit and are never what we expect they will be so it is helpful to be very curious whether as an observer or a direct participant.

image courtesy sattva, free

image courtesy sattva, free

Memories and imagination can be said to originate through the same basis within the mind and is coloured through our personal filters or our unique perception. When it comes to what is defined as a ‘past life’ it doesn’t matter if it is our imagination creating a subconscious story as an ‘actual’ event, an analogy or as a metaphor, what is important is that it helps us in a way that is healing or insightful.

We experience these ‘events’ in a similar way to when we dream while sleeping. In our dreams we often experience a wide range of unexpected and symbolic events and can often spend a lot of time trying to decipher them. When experiencing a ‘past life memory’ those can easily be deciphered as they are self explanatory. Not only do we experience them as ‘true’ but we can feel the emotions and sense the connections to previous things in our life and formative years. Quite often after such an experience we feel the truth for ourselves and sense a greater connection to our spiritual essence

These ‘past life memories’ are not always completely accurate as they are based on the experiencer’s perception and may only be true to the individual. But this is what is important as it is what your own subconscious is showing you about what is buried beneath the surface of your conscious mind. The emotional impact is subjective and relevant to whatever questions you may have. An example of this is that the comment ‘my mother never loved me’ can in actuality have been that your mother did love you to the extent that she was capable of in relation to what other things where going on in her life and mind. When experiencing a session the results allow you to come into a place of unconditional self acceptance and understanding.

Lorna Wilson
Practicing Quantum Healing in London, England
Special Contributor Quantum Healing Support Forum for Practitioners

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