So What Exactly IS Meditation Anyway? Part 2

Thanks for all of your responses both on the blog and in private. Some very interesting comments are being made, the most interesting to me is the definition of the word itself. I referred to a book on my shelf by Eric Harrison called “How Meditation Heals” His definition is extremely broad and he claims you can meditate every moment of your life. His basic concept is detachment.

Here are the next three parts of the series on Meditation and Cosmic Energy.



Some of the ideas presented are very universal and I am sure many if not most of you have heard them before, but I found the series a very worthwhile watch.

If you feel tired, no matter how much you sleep or exercise, perhaps you are low on cosmic energy and can replenish that with meditation. This was an intriguing thought to me because I know of many people who can relate to this feeling of being tired, always, every day, no matter how much sleep or rest they get. Maybe meditation would be worth a try!

For me personally I found the animation illustration of our thoughts, and our connection to the flow of cosmic energy to be most enlightening. If you watch carefully, you notice that its very difficult to eliminate all mental and egoic thoughts, but simply reducing them greatly, and returning repeatedly to observation of the breath is the goal and will provide an opening to the flow and ability to be nourished by the energy of the cosmos.

I find to meditate for any length of time, with stillness and a straight spine, I need a special cushion and a straight back chair. Crossed legs and on the floor is just not possible for me and I know not for many others.

Since watching the series and focusing on reduction of thought, utter stillness and light breathing, I have found I can experience amazing access to this energy. I have had moments, certainly not extended, but moments of where I felt like a very thirsty houseplant being watered directly and purposefully with clear beneficial life giving water. Before watching the series, the analogy of reception of cosmic energy would have been that houseplant felt some pretty good sprinkles every now and again, but nothing like the direct full flow that was available with some fairly simple adjustments.

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