So What Exactly IS Meditation, Anyway?

In my work as a Dolores Cannon Regressionist, this word, this concept is used a lot. It is standard, almost universal advice from the “Higher Self” or the “Superconscious” (Also known as the SC) for most if not all of my clients.

The word is used so very often these days, but what exactly is meditation anyway?

Is it what the Tibetan Monks do in India? Is it talking a walk in the park? Is it guided visualization? Is it just being quiet for a while? Do you have to sit on a mat like a pretzel to do it right?

Wikipedia defines meditation like this:

Meditation is any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit.

The word is used so loosely and broadly, it can mean almost anything depending on the context.

Recently I came upon a series of Youtube videos (with a nod to my dear friend Lorna who tirelessly shares tips/advice and tidbits every day on her Facebook page) that have been a revelation to me. I found them extremely helpful and almost immediately discovered something new in my own meditative practice.

Have a look at Part 1 of this series on Spiritual Reality and then come back to the discussion when I post Part 2 of “So What Exactly IS Meditation, Anyway”?


Until then I would love to know from those readers who wish to share briefly, if they meditate, how often, how long, what their body position is, and if they listen to any audio during their experience.

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