Solstice Notes, and a Message from the Grandmother to the Grandmothers

The following notes were taken after I attended each public session of Source in Silence on the Summer Solstice of 2011 at Atira Moon Farm.

7am session-Vibrant purple and aqua energy emanates from Marcia like a giant aura. She disappeared quite a lot from my vision. I saw Light beams connect to the sky, facets of her face, multiplying in the round. I saw a string of light appear that was a thin light column, then larger as it enveloped her in sparkles that reminded me of the sparks from the light column dream.

1pm session-Its warm and sunny and pure golden light emanates and pulses from Marcia. She seems to have a gold and green aura now. Fingers of swirling sunflower petals and orange snake tendrils  flow from her head and hair in an amazing complex pattern.

7pm session- I decide almost immediately to ask to speak to the Grandmother during this last session; the woman I first saw in Marcia’s face, the one I have seen inside the Sacred Site Circle during my regression. I look toward the West where I remembered seeing her before. She appears. A woman I do not know, who is standing next to me in the circle begins to cry softly. The Grandmother glances at her briefly then, looks into my eyes and her words flow directly into my head.

The Council of 13 Shamans.

Are so very pleased. You have asked me to describe myself. I am Grandmother to the Grandmothers and I open my arms in gratitude for your participation and loving service offered to the planet and humanity.

You have asked why it is these Native American Shamans speak to you, as you are fair and blonde and currently have no discernible Indian blood in your veins.

We tell you, and assure you, this is not a requirement for communication.

What is required is a deep love and respect for our Earth mother, and this you truly do have. Any human who aligns themself to the planet may speak with us, and we invite others to do so.

We can and do participate in sending messages to you with all of the animal and plant and earth and water and wind spirits. YES! the tiny sunflower in the hayfield that bloomed at your feet while you were laying upon your back WAS a message from us! Our first physical manifestation to you here on this land. Believe it. A mid summer blooming sunflower rose and opened its petals to greet you on what was in your known reality a cold and windy late winter day! You knew it was a sign and it was indeed. It was a small miracle created to assure your presence and also to ignite your dreams.

You, and your husband too, are indeed a part of the grid that is forming, the important network of light around your planet which is crucial for her and indeed humanity’s goal of ascension. Gathering in groups and combining your energies and thoughts amplify your, and humanity’s heart power, and this is what is so very needed and so very necessary.

And then, Marcia bowed and the session was over. I didn’t want it to be over, really, so I stayed and just laid down on my back and let the experience soak in. It was such a magnificent evening and a lovely end to a wonderful day. I replayed the Grandmother’s words in my head.

No matter how many inexplicable things happen to me over the years and no matter how strong these messages are, my logical left brain STILL feels compelled to minimize and explain away the magic, and this time was no different. But, the logical complaints were weak and came in a small insecure voice, and were fairly easy to dismiss.

Especially when I think of that tiny sunflower blooming at my feet. In Kansas. In March. Yes. Yes, I believe it all.