Solstice Wrap Up and Have you heard the Hum?

At the end of the evening of Summer Solstice, Marcia was smiling, but I think a bit tired, and I don’t blame her. We had a very full day and Marcia had the fewest moments to herself. I shooed her out of the kitchen after her kind offer to help finish tidying up and off she went into the guest bath for a shower. I wiped the counters and started a load of laundry, then started the dishwasher.

I stood for a moment in the kitchen. What was I thinking? I just sent my lovely houseguest off to the shower and at the same time I started not only the dishwasher but also the washing machine. Our little farmhouse wasn’t equipped for that much hot water, or was it? I pondered that idea for a moment in the kitchen thinking about how loud it was at the moment. Shower, dishwasher and wash machine, all at the same time.

But, it seemed there was another noise, even on top of those things. A hum of some sort. What was it? I tried to listen more closely. I stood for a very long time. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes. It sounded a bit like a diesel truck idling in the front yard. But no one was there. I didn’t think so anyway so I walked to the front door and opened it and stood on the porch.

Yes, I could still hear it, but where was it coming from? Again I waited. Another two or three minutes. The hum stayed steady and came in waves. What was I hearing?

No apparent source was forthcoming so I went back inside and tried to dismiss what I was hearing. I went back to my chores but the hum was just too persistent. Marcia was still in the shower and I went back outside for the second time.

I decided to walk away from the house and stood in the middle of the driveway. The hum sang on, no louder no quieter than inside the house or on the front porch. For a minute or two I stopped trying to puzzle out what I was hearing and just admired the evening outside and the soft evening air. I really love living in the countryside. My soul is so very happy out here!

Then, I heard something. It was the familiar sound of a subwoofer, approaching from the east. “OH, so that’s what I was hearing,” I thought, as the car drove by at about 60 miles an hour.

Is funny, how that logical part of one’s brain just latches on to a “logical” explanation that happens by. My left brain was comforted knowing what had been making the humming noise. It was the sub woofer of a car! Mystery solved.

Except, really, that makes no sense whatsoever, does it? In total, I heard the humming, pulsing beat for likely 20 or 25 minutes or more. No car, traveling 60 miles an hour, could make my house hum for that amount of time, and so consistently, if it was just driving past.

What was I hearing? I do not know, but, here is what not one but TWO very awakened friends of mine shared with me the next day.

From Jacq: That ties in with what my husband and I experienced yesterday evening. My husband was in the kitchen and he said, ‘Jacq, I’ve just felt the floor move, like it was shuddering!’ As we don’t get earthquakes in the UK (well, not in London anyway) and we are nowhere need the Underground he was really surprised so I immediately turned off the TV as I felt I had to listen to the earth and sure enough I could hear a distinct hum that lasted for a couple of minutes. At first I thought it was a distant car alarm but it was too soft and undulating for that. I was quite disappointed when it ended.

I wonder what the Earth was trying to say to us.

And the following was a dream/vision from our lovely friend Annie.

Dream/vision – Wednesday 22nd June – Day after Summer Solstice

I dreamt I was in a vast open space – outside – it was a field.

There was a physical ‘contraption’ which was a huge spiral conveyor belt, which was about 4 foot tall at its apex in the middle and gradually dropped in height down through the spiral until it reached the ground level. Water gently bubbled up out of the contraption and filtered slowly down and around the spiral.

Somehow (I don’t know how this worked as it was a dream and anything is possible) from the centre these small mini platforms just appeared up through the middle of the spiral and then moved their way down the spiral out to circle of space around at the bottom. At the bottom was a vast open plain where things put onto the spiral accumulated.

People came to the spiral and walked up it in a clockwise direction and placed whatever they had bought onto one of the platforms and then watched it go round the spiral and end up on the open space at the bottom.

There were loads of people there. They were either putting things on the spiral conveyor belt or they were looking at the open space at the bottom to see if there was anything they needed. If there was, they picked it up and took it away with them. Other people collected these things, if not picked up, and took them to another huge building with a tent like cover and placed them in there on rows and rows of tables….

Although most of what I was seeing being placed onto the spiral was physical, and edible, like flowers… crops and fruit, (I never saw any meat being placed there), there were also metaphysical items… shapes and colours and weird designs.. see-through boxes which looked like they were made of crystal… and some exquisite things, which were luminous and just kept changing shape…

There was an overall sound in the air as everyone who stepped onto the spiral and made their way clockwise up the route was humming… (I think now I am writing.. that they were humming the vibration of their own energy, but I am guessing at that as it wasn’t made clear in the dream I am just remembering the low constant hum of sound)

As I re-read this for errors I am ‘seeing’ that maybe it (the hum) was the sound the earth made in response to the energy field of each person.

So what was all of this about?

I don’t know but I did a bit of research. The earth seems to hum in places, and some hums are famous, such as the” Taos Hum”. It also seems like the hums are increasing, and strange noises are being heard from caves and other places on our planet. So is solar and space noise. We any or all of these things connected? I just don’t know.

I do think its interesting that my lovely friends had similar experiences and/or dreams/visions at the same time.

Have YOU heard anything hum lately?