Source in Silence

Two days after having the vision of the light column I received an email flier about Marcia McCoy and Source in Silence. I did not know Marcia, or know what Source in Silence was. There was not a great amount of information provided on her flier, it was interesting and just a bit mysterious.

The email poster said her current tour included: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Chaco Canyon, Maui and Wichita, Kansas. Seriously, who can not smile at that sentence! Why Wichita? I thought, “She must have family here.”

Then I went about my day. I was getting ready to go out of town and I always have an abundance of chores that go along with that. But I kept thinking about Marcia and Source in Silence.

I did not really have the time to spare to drive into town to find out, but my intuition spoke to me quite loudly and would not let up. After a good bit of its nagging, I decided to go ahead and attend the evening public session. There. Now my intuition would stop nagging me!

But nope, my intuition would have none of that. I needed to see her for an individual session. Sigh. This is not how I had my day planned! I continued to have a bit of an argument with my intuition over that one but gave in fairly quickly and said out loud, “Okay, if she has a 4pm opening, I will schedule an individual session.”

I called and, of course, she did have a 4pm opening. “I’ll take it.” I had no real clue what was going to happen but my intuition was immediately satisfied.

On her poster Marcia states “She conduits Source Energy which she personally experienced in her life receiving a miracle and spontaneous healing.” That’s pretty much all she says about it. It certainly made me wonder about what had happened. Well, Marcia does have an amazing story. She does not give speeches or speak publicly about her miracle, so I won’t paraphrase or describe that now,  but take it from me, it is a mind blowing miracle and story. She adamantly insists however, its “just a story”, and prefers, instead, to focus on her work.

I did a few more chores around the farm as I wondered about the session upcoming, then gathered some photographs of family members I thought could benefit from this healing with me, and drove into Wichita.

Marcia welcomed me into the sun filled small room in Clifton Square and I sat on a folding chair while she sat cross legged on the carpet. Marcia has a such lovely, warm, radiant presence. She has the most beautiful strawberry blond hair and smile and she simply glowed with a huge warm, pink and orange aura.

We spoke briefly, about the session, and about her miracle and then we stood up and began.

I felt waves of energy coming through the room and through my body as focused on the idea of love and healing. I held my family photographs for Marcia to look at as well. At one point, I “saw” Marcia’s head/crown open up and bright purple and white light streamed through it into the room. It was quite surprising and very strong. The purple was almost a neon purple and I have never seen anything like that before or since.

Then, something else happened. Marcia’s face just disappeared and in its place came the face of an elderly Native American woman. She had wide set eyes, dark skin and grey hair and for a while, instead of Marcia’s eyes, I was staring into the eyes of this very wise, very old, very quiet and strong “grandmother”.

After the session, we had some time to talk. We found that both of us had attended high school in Wichita, both were artists, both had worked with stones, and sticks and earth and both of us moved away many years ago. I started telling Marcia about what I was doing back in Kansas and why. I began to tell her  about our new farm, Atira Moon, and how my husband and I have been discussing the idea of building a labyrinth there, perhaps modeling it after a crop circle design, and having the center a place where people could actually insert their feet into the earth for healing.

Marcia stopped me mid sentence and then stood up to find a sketch book. She turned the page to a drawing and design she made many years ago. My jaw dropped. The design she showed me had organic stones setting around a sacred stone circle design that dropped into the earth.  The stones were exactly like the ones from my vision. The sketch immediately became superimposed over my own memory of the light column experience and my body began to shake at the recognition of what was happening.

This was WHY I was there! Not only was the Source in Silence session lovely and amazing, but a profound connection was made. My intuition smiled and nodded its head, quite pleased with itself. Marcia showed me her more of her sacred stone site sketches and told me that that particular one was envisioned to exist on the Kansas prairie.

I started having visions like this 33 years ago and that’s when the seven sacred sites project emerged…all seven sites were placed on portals…now I realize, we are the temple and the portals on the planet are accessible and activated without man made structures…our vibrational frequencies activate the experience…..

Marcia McCoy

And the story continues…