Summer Solstice Ceremony – Guest Blogger: Sarah Lawrence Hinson

Summer Solstice Ceremony 7am June 21st 2011 with Marcia McCoy, Source In Silence at Atira Moon

It’s summer break and I confess I rarely get up early while the girls are off school (ages 7 and 9). But on the Solstice this year I was drawn to attend this ceremony at Candace Craw-Goldman family’s beautiful property east of Wichita in Leon, KS. I have been on my own spiritual journey for about 15 years now, but I’m still surprised when the inner calling to head to a particular planetary location hits me. I had attended a past-life regression group at Candace’s property several months before, and noticed with my ‘inner eye’, or what Edgar Cayce calls our ‘imaginal forces’, that large triangular figures, about 20ft high, seemed to be standing in a circle out the back of Candace’s house, in the field. I made a mental note and let Candace know about it after the meeting. Believe me, after 15 years on the spiritual journey, there’s not a lot that seems strange to me in the unseen realms, but this was truly eye-catching!

As this portal made itself more apparent to people, Candace defined the circle and decided on a Solstice Ceremony…and I’ll leave that story up to her. My story starts when I arrived at Candace’s place at 6.30am and met Marcia McCoy, whom I had not met before. Marcia gave me a lovely hug and I felt that ‘light’ feeling I have felt from hugging other wonderful teachers such as Dr Todd Ovaitkys and Peggy Phoenix-Dubro. It’s as if the person is there, yet so soft an energetic feel that one’s heart completely opens up as if to cry, but it’s a beautiful feeling so there’s no need to cry. She wished me ‘Happy Solstice!’

I think about 12 or 13 people arrived for the first session of the day (was pretty focused on the circle by then) and we all followed Marcia out to start the ceremony. If you haven’t meditated with a group of people outside, it’s well worth doing, even if it’s not the Solstice or you’re not working on an energy portal. It’s a beautiful way to connect that many people miss out on in our fast, technology-based day and age.

Marcia prepares the circle at Atira Moon by smudging with sage.

Marcia opened the circle and we all sat and meditated in our own ways. I had a number of experiences where all of a sudden the bird song and frog song became closer and more clear…as if they were singing just for us….with my inner space I could hear drumbeats and some kind of American Indian singing or chanting. I went in and out of meditative state and enjoyed the beautiful and cool Kansas morning as the sun began to rise.

After a while (and if you meditate with a group you’ll begin to understand that you all just begin to ‘know’ when that ‘while’ is) – Marcia asked us all to stand up and looked into each of our eyes. She then began channeling or being a conduit for the energies coming through the portal, herself and bringing through the Solstice energy in a new way (at least, that was my interpretation) and it was a peaceful experience for me.

So many of these experiences are beyond words because they represent our connection with the sacred or greater-than-self, so I’ll do my absolute best to put the experience into words, although as usual the words will be wanting.

I simply felt as if I became a column of light, and I was suspended in the field, rather than standing there. My body became straighter and more relaxed, and tight muscles started to ease. This sense continued until Marcia finished this process, when we all seemed to ‘know’ that it was finished. She then asked us to sit and be with ourselves quietly before we all went inside for some refreshments.

This sense of well being has continued to unfold and the sense of muscle relaxation has stayed there. I often have issues with a sore low back and hip, but this has eased significantly today (time of writing June 22nd 2011). I’m also feeling very relaxed and joyous, and noticing even more interesting effects as part of my spiritual journey.

Thank you Marcia and Candace for opening your hearts and your time, space and energy to us. And Happy Solstice!


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