Tandem or Couple’s Past Life Regression

There are a few regressionists out there who will facilitate a tandem or couple’s regression.

What exactly is that? It is when two people relax side by side and are led into hypnosis at the same time. Why would couples wish to do that? Well, there are many reasons. Some people suspect they have lived previous lives together and wish to explore them. Others have had missing time or extraordinary life events occur to them or ET contact experiences about which they want to have more information.

I recently was lucky enough to experience such a session myself with my husband Tom. Our dear friend Annie Ashley Jones is also trained by Dolores Cannon and while traveling earlier this fall, we took the opportunity of a few quiet hours in a Taos bed and breakfast inn to explore another time and another place.

The scene opened up like a movie screen for both of us. I was in a wood, hiding behind trees watching a road upon which I saw a prisoner, a man walking bound and tied, also tied to a horse and rider in front of him. I was following at a safe distance, hiding behind trees. This man was my husband, and he was in trouble.

The session itself proceeded seamlessly. The story was told in turn by each of us and although we had considered communication during a tandem session could possibly be confusing, it was anything but. Annie handled the regression beautifully and there was not a moment of confusion or talking over each other at all.

Tom has agreed to share his review and thoughts about what happened during the regression and I will post his story in two parts beginning tomorrow.

Interested in having a tandem regression yourself? Feel free to call or email and we can talk about the possibility.