The 2012 Frequency. Are you on it?

We are having problems with our automatic garage door opener. (What does that have to do with 2012 and frequency? Hold on, you’ll see.)

A few weeks ago we had a repair person out to help to try to fix the problem. He came out twice and failed both times. We tried a second repair person. He hasn’t quite thrown in the towel, but so far, he too has been unsuccessful. The interesting thing is, we have a smaller bay door on the side of the garage that works just fine. The larger, front bay door is the one we are attempting to fix.

Al, our repairman number 2, after a few minutes of initially assessing the situation told me. “You have a frequency interference problem. This unit operates under 540MHz. Something nearby is interfering with that frequency.”

I asked him why the smaller bay door worked just fine. He said, “That is a different model. It operates under the frequency of 590MHz. Nothing is interfering with that frequency.”

Al was determined to sleuth out what was interfering with the 540 model. We considered phones, security systems, nearby microwave towers, anything that might be sending out a remote signal. There are a lot of things that do that, just by the way. Even way out in the country where we live. He switched some things off in the house and then would try the remote control to see if he had eliminated the interference. Nothing he tried worked.

The larger garage unit simply would not see nor acknowledge the remote opener because its frequency was being interfered with. The smaller door had no such problem.

Standing there, watching Al push the button to no avail made me think that a similar thing is happening with people here on our planet. It didn’t matter how many times the remote button got pushed, the unit could not “hear” or “see” the signal. It could not function.

Our bodies, our earth, all the planets in our solar system are changing frequency. We are being upgraded as we move through this particular place in space and time.

When I say, when other lightworkers say, “Wake up!” we mean, wake up to your ability to make the frequency change, wake up and alter your vibration to match the NEW operational frequency of 2012 on the planet and of life itself. Our garage door openers are hard-wired to a certain frequency and only operate under the one they are manufactured to use. You as a human are different! You can upgrade your frequency with your choices and your focus.

You really can.

Start by listening to your stream of consciousness, or your “self-talk”. Are you walking around blaming others for your problems? Feeling helpless? Replaying old wounds or arguments? Or is your mind filled with the potential of life around you?  Are you excited about a new relationship or work project or hobby? What about simply walking outside and seeing and appreciating the beauty of nature, a glorious sunrise perhaps or a beautiful songbird in flight, or my own very favorite, a horse running across the prairie?

These thoughts, these things you focus on in your conscious mind, are absolutely your number one frequency tuner. Are you thinking of what you want or of what you do not want?

The old vibration is no longer functioning. Its time to wake up and upgrade to the frequency of 2012 and use its potential. If you are having troubles, difficulties in any area of your life, you might be operating under the old frequency. Or, just as the garage door at our farm, you may have things interfering with your frequency (negative self talk is one) so that you cannot be fully functional.

Here are just a few things that will interfere with your frequency or frequency upgrade potential:

  • Fear, one of the biggest culprits. Fear of any thing at all.
  • Drugs, even prescribed ones, and alcohol
  • Processed, fast food and inorganic foods
  • Fluoride in your drinking water
  • Television and Mainstream Media. Yes, almost all of it supports being asleep.
  • Computer games or anything in your life taking the place of human to human contact and relationships
  • Polarizing Groups. Any group be it political or religious or metaphysical, if it has an “us against them” theme, or “we are right and you are wrong” theme, it qualifies.
  • Disconnection from Mother Nature
  • Improper breathing and or little to no excercise
  • Little or no quiet or meditative time
  • Any regular negative energy input such as a toxic job or relationship.

Conscious awareness and control of your self talk and minimizing or eliminating these other frequency disruptors will help align you to the 2012 frequency and the New Earth and will help keep those beautiful doors of life’s potential open for you.

I wish for you all, a happy and healthy and prosperous 2012.