The Divided Brain

We talk a lot about the left and right brain in metaphysical work.

Jim Self says you cannot converse with your soul with your rational mind, the resident within the left hemisphere, it just does not work that way. I agree. He says “Our left brain, rational mind only knows what it knows, and doesn’t know what it doesn’t know, and it works tirelessly to keep us within a thin range of objective 3D thinking and possibilities.”

The left brain provides us with “more about what we know about what we know about what we know.” This my favorite quote from the following very entertaining and informative 11 minute animated video from Iain McGilchrist.

Forbidden Knowledge TV says McGilchrist “wants to share what is vital to our understanding about the divided brain, for he says that like most civilizations of the past, ours has become dangerously defined by the perceptions of left brain.”

Jim Self is often described as “The teacher’s teacher”  McGilchrist is a psychiatrist who presents a scientific look at the sad fact that most humans live only on one side of their brain.

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