In a Quantum Healing session almost anything can happen! Quantum Healing is a unique past life regression and healing technique developed by Dolores Cannon many years ago. It is not like any regular hypnosis or regression method out there. The number of dedicated practitioners (and clients) are increasing all over the world, mainly because of the vast number of books Dolores has written, based on information from her many thousands of sessions with clients. But also of course, the miraculous healings that are taking place. There are a lot of good reasons for having a Quantum Healing session, because this is so much more than the “just” the healing. It is also a great way to find answers to everything you would want to know about yourself or anything else in our existence. We never know what our Higher Self has planned for us to experience, but it is always exactly what we need and are meant to experience. It is what is important for us right now. The Higher Self (or Subconscious as Dolores calls it) is a higher aspect of our self, a collective energy that knows everything about us. It sees the higher perspective and always wants the best for us and help us. It is pure love. When we are in a relaxed state of trance we are able to experience what the Higher Self wants us to see, feel or sense in any other way, and let it come through and speak to us.

A few days ago a very spiritual lady with great knowledge and wisdom, came to see me for a session. I will call her Ingrid. For almost half her life, she has lived in a village up in the mountains somewhere in South America, not far from a sacred energy vortex. According to her Higher Self, this spot is the most important one for Gaia. She has always felt spiritual and was now seeking answers about the many strange experiences she`s had in life, and also why she felt she had to move from Norway to go live at this place. She always felt connected and guided, but needed help to get some more answers. She truly believes that everything happens for a reason, even though her life has been very hard with a lot of challenges.

During the session, the client is switching between describing details from the scenes and giving extensive information related to the persons life. It seems she has access to almost everything that this person knew and did. When I asked about things she didn`t know the answer to, she just went deeper to find it. Her level of trance shifted from a deep to an even deeper state many times. Her Higher Self actually came in a couple of times on its own, speaking in third person. Her voice changed and she talked a lot slower.

At her beautiful place she couldn’t see the sky. Instead there was a path leading up to the surface from behind a waterfall. I told her to follow it and soon she could see a mountain with and entrance at a distance. At first she was reluctant to go there because of what she felt about the place. She found herself to be a 25 year old woman wearing a white robe and sandals. This was in the eight century BC, at a place called Delphi in Greece. She belonged to a sisterhood of women who all lived and worked at this site as oracles. They had servants to help them because they worked all day long. It was a very strict and hard life. They didn’t have much privacy. Only at night in their own little cell (small caves within the cave). No men were aloud there. The oracles were kept out of contact with any other people, to protect them from being influenced or bribed. They were all selected to be oracles. It was predetermined before they came into physical bodies, like Dalai Lama in Tibet. They were taught from a very young age. They had to work as oracles in 20-35 years before the could retire. It was done to help the development of humanity on earth. After retiring they decided who were going to be the next oracles. They also helped in preparing the little girls that were chosen, and also raising them because they were taken away from their families.

Their work was to tap into the universal knowledge and provide answers to those who came with questions, which mostly were of academic character. Like philosophy and mathematics. Plato and Archimedes were among those who used the oracles for these purposes. The oracles sat on stone benches right beneath an opening in the cave ceiling, so that the people who had questions could hear the answers from the top of the cave through the opening. They were not aloud to see the oracles. The oracles induced themselves into a trance by inhaling smoke from a lot of incense that were placed around inside the room. They had strict orders not to influence or change any of the information. This was very important. If they did they would be punished. Sometimes it was very hard to tell exactly what they saw. It was their duty to report the truth and nothing but the truth. They had the ability to go forward into the future or back in time to find information from lost civilizations.

In the next scene/important day, she has gray hair and is feeling old and tired. Someone is calling for her and she can see a very bright light. Her work is done. She is very relieved. Many things has been positive, but it was a very hard life. She can see a tall man with blue clothes coming towards her. His aura is shining with light. He smiles at her and ask her to come with him. Then she leaves her body. They embrace each other and suddenly they are in this big bright hall with pink and turquoise lights emanating from the crystal walls and ceiling. The floor has white light coming up from underneath it, shining through the stones. More beings arrive. They are very happy to see her and are greeting her telepathically. They are light beings dressed in white, and they float over the floor towards her. They do not have any facial features. All she can see is light emanating great love. She belongs to this group. This place is a middle station between incarnations where they talk about their experiences, rests and choose new assignments. All of them originally comes from Sirius. They are volunteers that came here to help earth. This great hall is inside a big silvery pyramid in a different dimension. It is all etheric. She has seen it before in her visions in the present life time. From this place she now knows that she had three lives as an oracle in Delphi in between other lives as well. From the lives as an oracle she learned discipline, humbleness and responsibility, and also to be completely honest with everyone.

I am now moving her to another place and time. When she arrives all she can see is white and golden light. This is the final resting place (source). It feels very sacred. She just IS. Like a thought that doesn’t think. Pure consciousness. She has been there before, but needed to come back in order to recharge, and to be reminded of where she comes from and what the source is. She needed to experience absolute love and completeness. She just floats and absorbs, becoming stronger and stronger. Time doesn’t exist. It can be a second or a thousand years. She feels what infinity is. There is no beginning or end. She understands this with her heart. It is overwhelming. This is exactly what is meant by The Great Invocation. It is the light, love and the power.

She now feels it is time to move on. She has gathered enough power. I tell her to just drift and float to another important time and place where we can find information. After a while of drifting, a black wall appears to her. This is all the darkness and negativity in the world, but she has no fear of it. She is just observing and then floats right through it to the other side, ending up in the new era that is to come to earth. She can see that it is all balanced. This came to be because enough beings were able to absorb light, love and power from the source, which then perforated the darkness completely. We must not allow our selves to be captured by the darkness, but keep searching for the light in order to gain power from it. We must not be ignorant of the negative things that are going on. We should know about it, but not get involved or let it take our focus away from what is light and love. We should spread the light around us and avoid everything that creates fear, like watching TV. This will cause others to start waking up.

Suddenly she becomes disturbed and cries. She has gone back in time and finds herself standing on the ground before Jesus` cross (Jeshua). She doesn’t want to talk about it at first, but since she has had short visions from this many times before, she accepts that she must explore it. She tries touching Jeshua’s feet but she can`t reach him. She feels great sorrow and pain. She is repeating that she must remember who she is. (She is very upset and I am doing my best to comfort her.)


“It is so hard! I have tried to run from this many times, because I never could accept or believe that I was her. Miriam Magdala is her real name. I wanted to go with Jeshua, to die with him because I didn`t believe I could cope without him. Jeshua tells me that I must go on with my life because I have important things to do.”

She goes on about how important it is that the church and its followers begin to take Miriam seriously. The bible should have had Miriam’s testament in it, because she followed the true teachings. Not the letters from Paul and Peter. Jeshua and Miriam were both Essene. It was the teachings of the Essenes that were supposed to be in the bible. The bible was falsified. The rest of Miriam’s testament is in the Vatican. Some of it is known.The last thing she remembers from that scene is being hit in the back and the head by a soldier, and she passes out. What she did not know then, was that Jeshua went into a very deep trance while on the cross, so deep that the soldiers believed he was dead. But he never died. The soldiers took him down and carried him to his tomb, soon enough for him to survive. He got out. Later he went to India and lived for many years.

The Higher Self is now coming in without me asking for it. Her voice changes:

“For a long time Ingrid has wished for her consciousness to merge with her higher being. It has happened gradually over time, but she is not aware of how far the merging has come. It is important that she leaves all her problems to the Higher Self. She`s had a much harder life than was really necessary. Now she is very tired and need strength from the source and the Higher Self. She has to be more open for this, because she has access to it. It is important not to move from the village. She has a very special connection to the earth`s energy. She must go on with her mission to help Gaia through energy work at the sacred place on the mountain. She knows people there that will tell her the exact location. It has been held secret for many years. She must go onto that mountain and find the spot where the energy is concentrated, and place her hands on it. This will give her physical body more energy. She has still many years left to do her work in this lifetime. It is important that people who are sick can come there for healing. A healing center should be established outside the village. An organization and capital is needed for this purpose. It was the Higher Self that lead her to go live at this place, to work as a healer. That is what she is. She knows she can do this. She is already doing a lot of important work in her sleep that is crucial to peace on earth.”

Because the Higher Self already has taken over, I go on asking about the reasons for showing her the different lives/existences:

The life as Miram Magdala:

“The reason why she was shown the life as Miriam, was because she needs to accept her own greatness. Miriam had taken a lot on her shoulders being who she was, and that kind of responsibility is frightening to her. She does not believe she has it in her, and she has not been willing to recognize their connection. That they are the same. She must accept this completely. When she does, it will give her the strength, authority and self confidence that she didn`t have before. It was just an outer shell. Miriam and Jeshua had both great authority that were perfectly balanced with love and humbleness. This is the core of the message that we have tried to tell her all along. To remember who she is. She has not been willing to listen. Sometimes it was necessary to “hit her over the head”. Her stubbornness can be good sometimes, but there must be a limit to it.”

Life as an oracle at Pythia/Oracle of Delpi:

“Like in every life she was shown it was also about serving a higher purpose. To show her that she had taken on a mission that not only was her own, but the decision of a higher group. Ingrid is a member of the council for this galaxy. Some of the work she is doing, is what causes her body to shiver with cold. She takes her consciousness with her when she travels to other dimensions to share information with the council. This is depleting her energy and causes her body temperature to drop. It happens mostly during sleep, but also when she is awake. This is also the reason why she took on lives as a leader in several of her incarnations on earth. One of them as Akhenaten in Egypt. The female pharaoh with the beard, Hatshepsut, is her daughter in present life. She was a strong leader.”

I could hear Ingrid had taken over now, it was not the Higher Self anymore. Still she has a lot of great information to share.

“Akhenaten’s body was weak and not properly adjusted to earth after a long time on Sirius. He didn`t have epilepsy like many believed. It was the side effect of a to fast incarnation. Despite his flaws and strange looks, he would not do anything to change it because as a God, he wanted to be different.”

Who was it that Ingrid got in contact with through the Ouija board many years ago?

“They were from a group called ‘The Masters Of The White Lodge’, which also is from the group from Sirius.”

She becomes silent for a while, and when I try to ask the next question she suddenly interrupts. She is pointing a finger right below her third eye:

“There is an implant here. Ingrid got the implant at the age of 3. That is why they have known all about her since then. They had to force her to wake up and not let herself be captured by politics.”

She has pain in the spot between her eyes where the implant is. It`s like an antenna she says. Then she suddenly says to me:

“You are from the Sirius group! I can feel it in my heart. Everything will come, you are taken care of. The person who donated some of his bone marrow to you when you had leukemia, is from the Sirius group as well. This was arranged because you too have important things to do in the future. Nothing happens by accident little brother!”

I decide to ask her about the energy in the room, because I can feel it very strongly in my body. I ask if it is the energy of the Higher Self that I am feeling?

“In this room right now, there are 10 invisible beings from Sirius.”

I then thought I should ask her who Higher Self is:

“She is a High Priestess from Sirius, and one of the leaders in the Sirius group who`s had some of the hardest jobs. But the Higher Self is multidimensional. The being that speaks through Ingrid`s body right now, is only a part of a greater whole. Two other parts are in physical bodies at this time. One is in south Africa. She is a black woman. The other one is in Japan. It is like a sacred geometry triangle. These have very strong personalities.”

What will the changes be like for Ingrid in the future, because of this session?

“There will be some changes in her way of living. More security and better access to capital and financing, because now she will have a greater acceptance of who she is. She needs and deserves to work with meaningful projects. She will feel more balanced, calm, safe and have a greater authority. She will trust more than before that she is on the right path. Also she will not care so much anymore about what other people say and think of her. Right now she is establishing a greater network of friends that will be helpful for her. She needs to go to Sweden because she has more contacts there. She will have more energy. It is important that light workers are connected, work together and supports each other. The energies must be focused where they are most needed. There are so many suicides in Norway, because a big percentage of the population have lost their spiritual values. They have metal hearts. It is a country of metal hearts. Healers must get together to help with this.”

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