"The Quantum Field Responds NOT to what we WANT…

…it responds to who we are being.“-Dr. Joe Dispenza

It has been said that this is universal law:

What you send out as a vibration, you will receive back by the universe.

Perhaps, you have also heard this update on the concept: It is easier now than ever before to manifest because the universe, the quantum field, is responding ever faster to the vibrations we hold.

Some are saying that the lag time between the intention, or vibratory signature and the response of the universe is getting shorter and shorter. In the next evolutionary phase of the human, whether it actually be in the fifth dimension or look like something else entirely, there are those that claim that there, in this next new way of being there are no time lags at all.

One thought is that we are here in the third dimension or the short bus, if you will, to learn how to control our intentions and vibrations because when we graduate to that next place we won’t have the luxury to make changes to our thoughts before manifesting just exactly what we vibrate at that instant.

Imagine what it would be like to manifest everything you intend, or vibrate immediately.  Could be quite chaotic, if you are not in control of your thoughts, your intentions, your emotions, your vibrations.

With this concept in mind I relate a small personal story.

A few nights ago I was feeling fairly overbooked, over-scheduled and spread quite thin. I was feeling like there were so many people, animals and projects that needed my constant and undivided attention.

I felt this vibration quite strongly for at least two straight days. I woke up two mornings feeling the same way, obviously spending my dreamtime hours focusing upon the same feeling.

I was broadcasting that vibration just as clearly as you can imagine.

Well the Field responded and in a dramatic way.

With this:

Orphaned kittens need constant care and attention. This little guy is the embodiment of my vibratory broadcast. He needs me to do everything for him; bottle feed him, stimulate his digestion and remove his poo, groom and clean and stroke and socialize him, all around the clock. Every 2 to 3 hours.

My mom keeps calling me and telling me how sorry she is, because she knows how I keep a very full schedule. What a burden the kitten is…

Well, there are greater burdens out there than having an impossibly cute creature like this one to love me so much!

I do know that now I am careful  to broadcast a quite a different feeling and here it is: I have all the time in the world to take care of all the people, animals and work projects that I love.