"The What If?" Game – Exercise your Right Brain.

If you suspect you are primarily a left-brained person and you wish to enhance your creative and imaginative abilities, there are many “exercises” and games that will stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain.

One of my favorites is called “The What If?” game. Each day, make your brain answer a wacky “What If?” question for different situations and locations.

What if you could create your very own roadway to work that would bypass all traffic and defy all laws of gravity? What would that look like?

What if you went to a restaurant that sold and served only yellow foods. What dinner would you order?

What if you really could clone yourself, what work would you have the clone do? What would that free you up to do that you would really like to be doing?

What if you had to keep an elephant in your yard for a week, how would you care for it?

Photo by Tom Curtice

There is obviously no end to the variations on this game. The fun part is, your answers don’t have to be written down or shared or graded. Playing the game is merely for your own benefit and gives the grey matter on that side of your head a likely much needed workout. Taking even a few minutes out of every day to play the “What If?” game, even at a stoplight, or while brushing your teeth might be just what you need to open up to some new horizons. The wacky questions could be the very thing to get you “warmed up” for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.

What if you could go back into time and space, where would you go?

What if, you could find the cause and the way to release your current pain or dis-ease?

What if, you could ask your Soul what your life’s purpose is?

Wacky or critical, the answers to all of these “What if?” questions are waiting for you in your imagination.

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