Visiting the "Library" Between Lives: A Quantum Healing Session.

 (The following article was written by my friend and colleague, a Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method who practices Quantum Healing in Seattle. His name is Bobby Arant. Thank you Bobby, and thank your client, for allowing us to share your wonderful story about “The Great Library.”)

Back in July of 2013, I participated in Dolores Cannon’s online Quantum Healing course.  The course is offered locally as well as online and I’ve found them both to be equally effective and anyone can master these skills.

Dolores developed her Quantum Healing method through many decades of active practice.  A Quantum Healing session affords the client the ability to reach deep levels of trance through which past life regression can take place as well as the ability to speak with the person’s Subconscious.  The main purpose of all of this is to reach a state of mind whereby long wondered about questions can be answered as well as physical and emotional healing to be facilitated.

I recently had a client come to me for a session and a very interesting thing took place in the session.  She visited what I’ll call The Library where all the records are stored.  This is a place where souls learn and study especially when planning for future lifetimes.

She has granted me permission to post this part of her session.  It picks up where we were trying to wrap up a past life that she was exploring.  Before we finalized things in the past life, she spontaneously jumped to a completely different scene.  As I was following along with her trying to obtain information on this new lifetime/location, I soon realized she was no longer bound in a physical body but had gone to a very special place on the Astral plane.

Client: I keep seeing the edge of a book and I don’t know why

Bobby: Where is the book?

Client: In front of me

Bobby: A large book or a small one?

Client: A large one

Bobby: Is it a book that you actually use or is it just being shown to you?

Client: I think I use it?

Bobby: So it feels familiar to you?

Client: Uh-huh

Bobby: What does it feel like you use the book for?

Client: To learn but I don’t know about what

Bobby: So you use it to study?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: Does it have anything to do with that debt or is it totally different?

Client: I think it’s different

Bobby: Where are you seeing the book? What sort of location is it in?

Client: In like a library

Bobby: So you study from this. The area that the book is in feels familiar to you then?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: What else can you see in that room?

Client: Tables, more books…


Bobby: Any other people that come to that same room to study like you?

Client: Mhmmm, there’s other people around

Bobby: Are they like you or are they different?

Client: They’re like me

Bobby: Do you have any idea what it is about this book that you find interesting?

Client: It talks about God. It’s like a spiritual book.

Bobby: I know you said it was in a room that looked like a library, does the library belong to any particular thing? Is it part of something else?

Client: I don’t know

Bobby: Do you have any idea about who might run it or administer it?

Client: No

Bobby: Do you get a feel, even if you don’t know who does it, about how many takes care of that library?

Client: I feel like everyone contributes

Bobby: Oh, ok, so it’s communal?

Client: Yeah. There is a great deal of knowledge there.

Bobby: Where did that knowledge come from?

Client: Everyone’s experiences

Bobby: And they just document it?

Client: Mhmmm…

Bobby: And you were there learning more about God. That’s the book you were looking at. Is that correct?

Client: Mhmmm….

Bobby: Is that ok to be doing? Does anyone have any issues with you doing that?

Client: No

Bobby: The people that come there, is it just the males or males and females?

Client: Both

Bobby: So does your wife also come there?

Client: I don’t…. I’m not that same person

Bobby: Ok, so you feel like you might be different, like you may be looking at a different scene?

Client: Mhmmm…

Bobby: Ok, so this scene that we’re looking at, with the book that you’re observing, does that feel like that’s what you do, with your time?

Client: For now, yeah, just learning and studying. It (the library) goes up quite a ways, like a multi-story room but it’s circular. And on the walls are all of the books, knowledge and texts and you can look at any of it. Everyone’s in like white robes. I see different people around. And there’s something in the middle. Something like a beam of light reaching all the way to the top but I can’t see the top

[OK, it was here that I realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore]

Bobby: It goes up quite a ways?

Client: Mhmmm…

Bobby: I know you mentioned that one book. Is that what you primarily focus on or are you able to look at other books?

Client: I can look at other books

Bobby: Have you been coming there for a while?

Client: Mhmmm… I don’t know how I got there.

Bobby: What is it that you feel like you’re there to do?

Client: Learn

Bobby: Any particular thing?

Client: I don’t know… everything. I like it a lot. It’s peaceful and quiet. There’s an “energy” about it.

Bobby: Do you feel like you’ve been coming there for a while?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: Does anybody help you with the books that you look at or do you just help yourself?

Client: There’s workers there but usually I just help myself

Bobby: … in whatever it is you’re interested in looking at then?

Client: Mhmmm…

Bobby: Are there any limits as far as what you can look at?

Client: No…

Bobby: I know you mentioned that there are levels to the library. Are books arranged a certain way so that there are certain books on certain levels?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: Can you describe that for me?

Client: By topic. Like one level would be about science. Another level would be about math. You can go to each level and choose what you want to learn about. I like to learn about all of them. I choose days or weeks where I learn about one thing and then I go on to the next thing.

Bobby: Do you know how you found out about this place? Did someone bring you here or introduce you?

Client: I don’t know. I can’t remember.

Bobby: The way you described the way the people are dressed, is that everybody there?

Client: It’s like long white dresses, or loose fitting and yeah most everyone is wearing those. There are different people around having like discussions or reading by themselves or walking around.

Bobby: Are you able to interact with any of them or do you just stay to yourself?

Client: I can if I want to. I can talk to people like they’re in human form.

Bobby: So are you happy being here?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: Are any of these books…do they involve history?

Client: Some… yeah

Bobby: Are you able to look in any of the books and see things that happened before you arrived here as far as your own self, your own life?

Client: Oh, I don’t know. Yeah, I have a history.

Bobby: So there’s a book for that?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: Are you able to find that book?

Client: Mhmmm… It’s red.

Bobby: What does the red signify?

Client: I don’t know

Bobby: But you just know that it’s a red color?

Client: Yeah.

Bobby: If you were to open it up, what sort of things would you see in it?

Client: Lessons that I had learned

Bobby: A few minutes ago, you were telling me about a time where you were in a cave and being punished for not paying a debt, is there anything is this book about that time that would help us understand that more?

Client: Let me see… I don’t know where it is.

Bobby: You mean in this book or in another book?

Client: Yeah, this book

Bobby: Are any of the helpers there able to help you with that?

Client: Let me ask… I’m talking to the older lady but I still don’t know.

Bobby: What sort of things is she telling you?

Client: I don’t know

Bobby: What does her position here feel like to you?

Client: She’s a worker

Bobby: Do they always have that job or do they change occasionally?

Client: I don’t know

Bobby: As long as you’ve been coming there is it the same group?

Client: Yeah…

Bobby: So we were looking through that red book… does that have all of your experiences in it or just a few?

Client: Just the ones up until now

Bobby: Is it a big book or a small book?

Client: Bigger

Bobby: Does it look new or old?

Client: Old… I’m having a hard time focusing on it [experiencing a headache]

Bobby: As far as its location in the library, do you have any idea about what level you found it on? Is it near the bottom or near the top or…?

Client: Somewhere in the middle

Bobby: So it’s more history

Client: Yeah, mhmmm. I feel an attachment to the book but I feel like I can’t look inside of it and get anything

Bobby: Do you know if it’s because you’re not allowed or you don’t know how to see what’s in it?

Client: I don’t know how or I can’t read it

Bobby: I don’t know if you still have contact with the older lady but is she able to do that for you?

Client: She’s telling me, no

Bobby: Is it because she can’t do it herself or is she not allowed?

Client: Not allowed

Bobby: Is there a reason? What would happen is she saw what was in it?

Client: I don’t know. She’s trying to explain it to me and I don’t understand. She says it’s not time yet

Bobby: Do you think it’s just about the past? I know you said it shows up until now or does it also show the future?

Client: Maybe it does. I don’t know. I’m not allowed I guess to see what’s inside of it. I know it’s about me and I know that I’m connected to it. It’s red and like leathery, leather bound and it’s a larger book area wise like the size of the old atlases but I’m not allowed to see it.

Bobby: Well the lady that you were speaking with… is she someone that I could speak with through you?

Client: I can try. I don’t know. I can ask her

Bobby: I just have a few questions if she would

Client: Yeah, she says yes

Bobby: Ok, well, we were curious about this red book. We weren’t actually able to look in it and see anything about the past and I was just curious, is there a reason for that? [There was a short amount of time here in silence so I asked a different question] Maybe even a question along the lines of, the people that come here, what are they coming here for, specifically?

Client: To get knowledge before their next life

Bobby: Ok so they’re studying to plan another lifetime then

Client: Yes

Bobby: And that would be the reason my [Client] is there now? She’s getting ready for another lifetime?

Client: Yes

Bobby: Is that the only place one would go prior to going into another lifetime?

Client: It’s the most important place

Bobby: What does one do there to plan for the next lifetime?

Client: Learn and study and learn about where they’re going to go

Bobby: Become familiar with it?

Client: Yeah

Bobby: It sounds like there would be a lot of people in this place

Client: Mhmmm… It’s very big

Bobby: I remember you said there was a light in the middle that goes all the way to the top… is there anything else about the light that you could describe for me?

Client: Uh, it’s got energies moving inside of it. It’s like a big pillar. If you were to see it from the ground, it emanates light from it and lights up the whole library

Bobby: What sort of color does it have?

Client: It’s like an amberish, light yellow, light orange.

Bobby: Can you tell where the light comes from?

Client: It comes from the floor but I don’t know where… maybe it comes from this planet? It shoots up all the way to the top so no matter what floor you’re on, since all the floors are around it, you can see the light or a section of it from every floor. And if you’re on the ground you can see it reach up to the sky but you can’t see the top.

Bobby: Is it something that you can reach out and touch?

Client: Yeah… it’s warm

Bobby: I take that this is something that is always “on” then and never turns “off”?

Client: Yes

Bobby: Do you feel like there is anything else that we can learn from this location while we’re here?

Client: I wish I could read the book. I keep thinking about it.

Bobby: Sounds like you can look at it but you can’t really make out…

Client: Yeah, I can’t get any understanding from it.

Bobby: And it may just not be time yet for that

Client: I like it here though. It’s peaceful

Bobby: Do you feel like you’re going to be here awhile longer or do you think your time is about done here?

Client: I don’t know

Bobby: Is that a question you could ask the lady you were speaking with?

Client: I’ll try

Bobby: Maybe get an idea how long it will be before your next lifetime

Client: She says it’s soon

There are many reasons one would want to come and have their own Quantum Healing session.  Sometimes, it’s simply about getting those long sought after questions answered such as:
 Who are you?  What is the purpose of your life?  Why are some things so effortless and other things so difficult?  Are you searching for something that seems to elude you?  Do you have flashes of memories you can’t place and feelings of déjà vu?  Other times, there are very specific physical or emotional issues that need to be addressed.  Answers can be provided for these issues as well as healing.

I would love to conduct a Quantum Healing session for you if you are in the Seattle area.  Feel free to set up an Appointment with me to determine just how a session could benefit you or address any questions that you may have.

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