Water is the Conductor of Thought

Dedicated Quantum Healing Practitioner, Alice Mixer, had a client recently who was a clear conduit channel. Masaru Emoto came through for her client Nicole Dykstra in a Quantum Healing session.  Nicole later sent this message channeled from him with instructions from him to share it freely.

From Masaru Emoto (11-1-16 through Nicole Dykstra)

There are spheres to this world.  Places of understanding and places of refusal to understand and broaden perception.  It is my goal with you (Nicole) to broach the subject of conductivity with specific communities within the closed/shut off communities.

These shutoff communities reside all over the world, but are strong in science and public office.  Water Conductivity Theory is unknown to others in my work.  Water is more “fluid” than perceived.  It is not held within a container.  It is not only inside your glass of water.  Water is an impermeable state.  Water IS etheric essence in visible and “physical” form.


Conductivity utilizes the willpower charged into water by those whose mental states infuse it–consciously or unconsciously.

A positive relationship with water (imagery of peoples who live close to the oceans in life–fishing villages, etc.) as its “understood”/perceived qualities does infuse this essence with love for others to partake of.

However, as a larger broader esoteric community, we can charge water with the proper belief systems–a true understanding of the creative and truly playful intention for this Earth sphere, as well as the Love of Source.

By setting the water of the Earth in this manner, all realities of the Earth will change.

Water is the conductor of thought: the spreader of truth or the spreader of lies.

You set the powerful intention of Source’s Love within your glass of water now.  [gesturing to her current actions]  This affects the water within your cup, as well as the impermeable states around the cup and acts as a fully charged essence–causing all floating moisture in the air and all bound moisture within your body to absorb your pure intention of Source Love.

This is the Water Conductivity Theory.  This information was not believed by those outside of a slight few I knew in life.  So I did not focus on explaining it to others.  I deeply regret not having the courage while in body.  This regret is an echo from that body.  As my true essence, the Spark/Soul/Higher Self of Emoto:  “All things are as they should be.  The storylines of Earth  are enjoyable to witness.  Now go.  Tell the world.”

Nicole adds this postscript: “Impermeable state” is describing that water is beyond what we physically and visually experience.  It exists in and out of our dimensional frequencies (as do all vibrating molecules.)  As it also exists beyond the glass itself.  [Nicole says that her visuals are of a glass of water with almost an auric field around the glass that is actively moving–the auric field is not a static shape.]

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