What is God’s Number?

The year was 2008. I had been practicing Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnotic past life regression only a few months. As my client came off the cloud she said, “I must be making this up.”

I grinned to myself. I had heard this before and was not concerned. “Just tell me what you see, what you are experiencing.”

“I really MUST be making this up!” She said again. I watched her face twist around in confusion.

I grinned even more. This was the second session for my friend Nancy and in the previous one she had visited a crystal city on another planet somewhere else in the universe. She had already had an “out-of-this-world” experience that would be hard for many to believe. What could possibly have her questioning what was happening this time?

“Well, I am just standing here looking….at JESUS!”

Nancy probably was making the statement that she did because she did not consider herself Christian. Spiritual, yes, and I would say profoundly so, but if anything she was more aligned with the Buddhist faith than the Christian faith so the image and presence of the Christ was surprising to say the least.  I gently assured her all was well and the session continued in a most wonderful way. Jesus was kind and warm and personable and began to have a very deep conversation with her, and assisted her with questions and her search for understanding and knowledge of her self and her purpose and her off-planet origins.

My personal favorite part of session (beyond bathing in the crystal clear and beautiful Christ Conscious energy which is always astonishingly available to all facilitators, and immensely powerful) was actually highly amusing.

At one point while Nancy was deep in the middle of conversing with Jesus, my cell phone lit up as it was on ‘silent mode’ and I glanced at it. I saw that it was my daughter calling and that she left a voice mail.  I usually keep my phone nearby as my best “clock” to keep note of the time. I did wonder why she called though. She was well aware I was in session and would not pick up the phone.

At precisely the exact time that call came in, Nancy burst out laughing. She had been quiet and simply listening to Jesus speak. I almost jumped with both the phone and her outburst happening at the same time.

I asked her what was so funny. She said, “I didn’t know Jesus had such a great sense of humor. He just said “Now that we have connected and have a personal relationship, you can talk to me anytime you wish. You have my number!” Nancy found this very amusing, as if she needed a telephone and his actual telephone number to talk to him.

Conceptual Design Element

The session continued in an extraordinary way. Every session where Jesus is in attendance is extraordinary! (see my previous blog article Jack, Jesus, and Jouncing Walls.)

The most interesting part of this story for me personally happens a couple of hours later, after Nancy left. I was out running errands and suddenly remembered my daughter’s call and voicemail. I stopped in a parking lot to listen to her message rather than just replay the recording while driving, which turned out to be a very good idea.

Here was her message:

“Mom, I know you are in session and will not answer the phone. I also know that despite that, I know am absolutely supposed to call you right NOW, at this very moment. I am standing in the UT university library and a book practically fell off the shelf and almost hit me on the head. I am checking this book out and bringing it home for YOU to read. This is not for me, I know this, this is for YOU. So I am not sure why you are supposed to know this and right now at this very moment but you DO. It is small book, looks interesting. Its about sacred geometry and the title of the book is “What is God’s NUMBER?”

You just can’t make this stuff up. And it happens all the time with Quantum Healing Hypnosis!

Nancy Wesson actually had three Quantum Healing sessions in total with me, two in 2008 and a third in 2011 and has recently taken Dolores’ class to learn how to facilitate sessions herself. I am so happy to have her join our Quantum Healing Family!