While You were Sleeping. Channeling Dolores Cannon.

Sleeping Woman With Beams Of Light

Information for the Human Collective, March 25, 2021

Dolores Cannon as channeled by Candace Craw-Goldman.

Its been a while.

-Life’s been busy Dolores.

Yes. Let’s talk. I have a question for you.

-Wait, what? You have a question for me? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

This question will actually answer some of your questions Candace.

Why is it that you, and I mean you personally, have such an interest in the body and physical health?

-Well, I suppose its because of my personal history. I have had a great many physical…challenges. And pain actually. Pain is what ultimately brought me to you Dolores.

Okay. Yes, but let’s leave you and your body out of it for a moment. Even when you are not facing your own physical challenges, would you not say you still have a keen interest in the human body, as it pertains to the quantum healing work you do?

-Well yes of course.

I’d like you to expand your thinking on this concept

.-In what way?

So many of you doing the work, shall we say, talk about the “work” you do in your dreams. Often there are those who speak of higher realms, dimensions, etc. where you are asked to accomplish some task or support some effort.

-Yes, I read comments and posts about that a lot.

Well, I’d like to bring you all back down to earth for a bit. What if I told you, even more significant than these “higher realm” experiences, what is primarily happening to humans at this point in time is a physical body transformation.

While lightworkers have talked about “ascension symptoms” for a very long time, the bigger picture is often missed or even completely disregarded. It seems that the accepted concept is that your energy or spirit self is rising or ascending, and that your human body experiences some sort of physical fallout of that process.

When approached in this way, the whole concept remains, for many of you a mental one. I assure you, it is most certainly, primarily, a physical one. While both mental and physical constructs are, of course, simply different types of energy, and of course your spiritual development comes into play, it would benefit many of you to think about ascension in a cleaner, more simplified fashion.

Candace when I say the term “physical bodily ascension” what immediately comes to mind?

-Well Jesus of course. The whole story of him embodying divinity whilst in human form.

Indeed. The Christed Light, that energetic construct of pure love, that powerful, beautiful transformational light is shining now, ever more brightly upon the Earth. This light, which illuminates, cleanses, and increases frequency of all it touches is shining upon your physical forms. Your body can only take in and merge with so much at any one time without simply coming apart.

The primary integration period for this transformational light, is when you are sleeping. The more active REM sleep cycle is the one that correlates with your nightly mission adventures and dreams and the one where you directly or indirectly accept the light and energy. The deeper sleep, the delta, where bodily systems slow down is actually the merging of the light into the DNA and cellular structure of the body. The body needs to slow down for this merging.

It’s a big deal.

I can not emphasize this enough. The whole of humanity is being subjected to this Light. And for a great many this is greatly, physically, uncomfortable. So while many of you think you wake up tired because of your higher level assignments, your physical form actually can exhibit significant fatigue, and various aches and pains, because of the massive level of light integration.

This integration process can be made infinitely easier with a few simple things. Breathing, moving, drinking water, and getting your addictive selves away from your electrical devices and out into nature as often and as long as possible. The Earth herself is available at all times to support you. You know this, of course.

But there is another resource for ease of integration!

-What is that Dolores?

Each other. Other humans. Other humans who have similar or complementary frequency and integration. You can connect to these other humans quantumly of course and have been forced to do so, especially in the last year, but I can not emphasize enough how important it is to gather in real, physical life, where your real physical bodies can support each other in that powerful way

.-No wonder they wanted us locked up and 6 feet apart from each other.


You can tell your friend Will the rare cardinal flock he saw was to emphasize this and celebrate the plans for physical gathering. And you can tell Lory, his dream of the in-person practitioner conference was a similar message. Both of those events are the “story form” of this message I am giving you today.

-Thank you Dolores

(closes her eyes and nods)

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