Wise Words from DL Zeta

I have been a fan of DL’s for years now. During these tumultuous times its hard to stay even and balanced. We as humans have passions and opinions and most of us want to see a better world for us, and for our families. How best to make that happen? A better question might be, “How best to allow that to happen?”

Sometimes, a passion for a particular outcome (as expressed by opposing its opposite) actually gets in the way of achieving that outcome. How can that be? It all has to do with energy. Here are some wise words from DL to consider:

Being For or Against Something Feeds it your Energy

You can’t change a timeline; you can only energize a new timeline that flows along higher- vibrational frequencies. Investing a great deal of your focus into any lower-vibrational situation energizes it and feeds it energy – and ultimately energizes it to your field of experience. An example is a person protesting war. This person, because they are against something, is feeding the mechanism of war just the same as those who are in favor of war. In this situation, energizing timelines of peace and understanding help diffuse the energy of war.

Viewed through this lens, it becomes easier to see how energy is just energy. It takes its shape from the focus of our thoughts and emotions. When we allow ourselves to be unconsciously hooked into mechanisms of mass thought we feed our life force into energy fields spinning out replicas of old third-dimensional timelines.

If you have allowed yourself to be hooked into an energy field that is not of your choosing, you can withdraw your focus and attention and place it elsewhere. As we gain awareness, we can extinguish our lifeline to these mechanisms by shifting our focus.

You can find more from DL at her website: celestialvision.org