You can DO it!

So many of you out there, so poised to WAKE UP…you can DO it, you can, you can I know you can! And when you peek behind that curtain, so MUCH about reality will make so much sense. Here is a clue: If you are still picking “sides” you are not quite there yet. If you are still on a soapbox, shouting loudly (usually preaching to the choir), trying to change others’ reality, you are not quite there yet. It is when you can step back from the drama and conflict, ALL drama and conflict, that you have a chance to actually begin to wake up…. and with that, gain peace you might not have thought possible.

I am off to Arkansas to help Dolores Cannon teach her advanced level class….hopeful for the world. 🙂 Love to all of you out there. You can DO it!