You CAN do this. You can. A Quantum Healing Promise.

“You CAN do this. You can. I promise you can. And Dolores promises, too.”


Candace Craw-Goldman and Dolores Cannon have some lunch between class sessions.

I said those words umpteen times on Tuesday of this week as 148 of her brand new students gathered in groups of three to prepare to spend the next day practicing what they learned the days before. One person would be the “client.” One would be the “hypnotist.” One would be an observer and then they’d rotate. The doubts centered around the first two in that list, I gather everyone considered themselves a capable observer, but many wondered at their ability to facilitate a Quantum Healing session or relax into a trance state.

I reassured them the best I knew how. Mostly I told them stories of what I have seen and witnessed by those who were regressed by first time practitioners. 

Your miracle is just as real as if Dolores herself regressed you. I promise! Each of these 148 lovely people who had come from 14 countries to learn Quantum Healing spent the 4th day of their 5 day training performing her amazing healing and transformation technique for the very first time. Yesterday they shared their stories and experiences with each other. Soon some of them will share these stories with their family and friends and perhaps even the world. When they gathered yesterday morning the first thing Dolores asked them was how many of them experienced healing, and a whopping 75% raised their hands.

I am not at all surprised. I have had the pleasure and honor to be at many such classes and to hear many of these stories and watch the joyous aftermath and celebration.

You, every one of you humans out there reading this article, is far more powerful than you have ever been led to believe. Dolores’ method of Quantum Healing allows you to tap into that power, ask questions, request healing, or knowledge or peace or balance and be granted exactly that.

Some of the “students” I was assisting on Tuesday had their doubts. A couple of them, knowing that I have practiced Quantum Healing for more than 6 years now, wanted me to “help” them by attending their practice sessions, to help assure their or their partner’s success.

This is not how Quantum Healing works. I was not about to interfere with the discovery of their sovereign selves and the power available to them.

Dolores’ method gives anyone who takes her class all the tools needed to help guide their client to access miracles. Even the very first time they try. What is needed and necessary is an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to ALLOW for the method to work as it was created to work. And both the client and the facilitator need to do these things by the way. That’s why a hypnotherapy degree is not necessary. That’s why years of experience or licensing or thousands of dollars or years of training is simply not necessary. This power is a human birthright. We have simply forgotten we have access to it, and Quantum Healing helps us make, or remake, that connection to the Higher Self.

Anyone can learn Quantum Healing. Thousands have around the globe and are out there helping others every day.

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