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Number Prompts

What are yours? They change you know. Or at least mine do. Decades ago I began noticing the 11:11’s and I still see that combination frequently and the 11:11 remains meaningful. But, for the last 3 years or so, my primary number prompts have been the variations on 144 and 444. While there are many… Read more »


Dreaming of Light Bodies

I don’t normally share dreams this publicly. I try to journal most dreams and I also belong to an online dreaming group. Dreams are the topic of conversation there, of course. But more and more people I know are talking about their dreams and many are finding their dreams changing. How about you? Had any… Read more »

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Sacred Site Circle Makes its Presence Known

The vision I had on Atira Moon of the Column of Light was personally very moving.  But having others comment on the space, provided confirmation to me that the vision was valid and further exploration has become not only necessary but very exciting and it seems like the story about this circle is only just… Read more »

Source in Silence

Two days after having the vision of the light column I received an email flier about Marcia McCoy and Source in Silence. I did not know Marcia, or know what Source in Silence was. There was not a great amount of information provided on her flier, it was interesting and just a bit mysterious. The… Read more »


There is real power and truth in number combinations. You, and the cosmos and all of reality itself is constructed with precise and beautiful geometry and mathematics. That, and love, of course! All over the planet, lightworkers will celebrate the 12:12. The 12:12 activation that happens today is an opening that can provide a softening… Read more »


Happy 11/11/10! (Note this excellent date to re-start my blog!) How many of you have been noticing the 11:11 on your digital clocks, checkbook numbers, license plates, you know, just about everywhere? You are not alone. I was first made aware of this phenomenon by my late brother, Randy, back in 1989, shortly before he… Read more »