Christmas 2015

It’s been quite the year, 2015.

And yet, as transformative as the rest of the year has been, and even in the midst of global, community and even personal uncertainty, the Christmas season brings with it gifts of the comfort of the familiar.

Jesus Christ, Jeshua, Easa, the Christ Consciousness…. make appearances in Quantum Healing Sessions sometimes in surprising ways. In this Quantum Healing with Candace episode Candace talks about Dolores’ two Jesus books and then reads three “Jesus” Quantum Healing stories from her own practice¬†to celebrate Christmas!

In the first story- a man finds himself worthy and reclaims his love for not only Jesus, but for his wife and marriage.

In the second story we find out that Jesus has a sense of humor and a great sense of timing too!

In the third and final story we hear an amazing Christmas story from one of the actual participants of the Nativity itself!

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