Leaving only Love

In a couple of hours I will enter this space for the last time to turn in my keys and collect my security deposit.

In my mind I can imagine a conversation with future tenants. If the pattern holds true, there will be quite a number of them coming and going. I was the odd long term renter. My neighbors to the left and right changed many times over the last 9 years and the rooms above had even more turnover. First as efficiency apartments and then as Air BnB’s, they truly had a parade of people coming and going. But my space, front and center and under the rooms above stayed steady and sure during all the changes. I would love for those who open this door in the future to know, or maybe just to feel, the magic and wonder that took place within these walls.

Empty office space

Interestingly enough the space itself here at 108 East 5th Avenue, became part of many quantum healing sessions. I do have a favorite story to illustrate.

A client was in the sleigh bed laying stock still and speaking quietly, the deep and profound healing energy had only just begin moving through her body. Her team brought powerful waves of vibration that I could feel running through my own body. I don’t always feel the healing for my clients, but it does happen regularly. I closed my eyes and allowed the waves of energy to wash over us both.

Suddenly, the old black truck parked closest to my front door, began to honk as if someone had breached its security system. It was incredibly loud. One might have an initial reaction of dismay in such a situation. But I have been in this position numerous times. Not only did I not over-react or react negatively, I instantly knew this was a significant event. Even so, how to handle this in terms of a client in trance? How to speak above or around such noise? My client simply laid still, eyes closed. She did not flinch at the noise. She did not move.

After about 30 seconds, I simply told her, and her team to carry on and I would take a brief moment to address the situation. I walked out the door and gently shut it behind me. I looked up and down the street. The truck, still honking, had no apparent owner coming to still the noise. I looked up to the windows above. There a woman in one of the then efficiency apartments opened her window sash.

“Do you know whose truck this is?” I asked quickly between honks. “Yes,” She said, that belongs to my neighbor,” She gestured to the right with her head. “Oh,” I replied, “Do you mind seeing if he’s home? I have a client I cannot leave right now.” She shook her head and grimaced. “No way am I knocking on that guy’s door for anything,” Came the response. “He’s bad news.” And with that, she shut the sash and left me to ponder what, if anything to do next. It was a silly request anyway I suppose. Surely he heard the horn going off if he was home? Maybe Mr. Bad News heard it and didn’t care? I didn’t know such a character lived here in the building.

As I stood in front of my still closed door the horn began to fade a bit. The battery was beginning to fail. I took that as a sign the problem would soon solve itself and walked back in to the studio. I sat back in my chair and simply said one very vague and brief thing to my client, “Its all been taken care of,” I told her with an air of non-concern. The old battery finally gave out and from first honk to last the whole scene likely lasted less than a couple of minutes in total.

The healing session continued, seemingly unaffected by the interruption. After a time as the session was coming to a close and since the client had such a clear and profound connection to higher consciousness realms, I thought to ask the client’s team about the incident. I am so glad that I did.

“They” explained that the powerful waves of healing that the client requested would affect more than just her own body and spirit. They explained the concentrated healing energy affected everyone in the room, building, street and actually, as a ripple in a pond, the town, state, country and even the Earth itself.

This wasn’t strictly new information, but “They” got much more specific about the man upstairs, and that was the most profound part. They said that there was a man who lived in the building who was in a desperate state. They said, he needed the influx of energy to carry on and indeed, to survive at all. They described his “vehicle” in terms of the old truck outside, its boundaries being breached and how when the energy flowed down, not only did his own body react profoundly, but his truck reacted as well, and that was why the horn, and the horn of his own vehicle, started to blow. They talked about the client’s quite distant, but mappable karmic connection with the man, and with me, and how the energy called in would service us all. They thanked us both on the connection, the exchange of information and on behalf of the man upstairs.

Now to be clear, the conscious mind of the client had no, and could not have had knowledge of any of these details. She was an out of town client, and simply arrived for her appointment that morning. She didn’t know a thing about the building, who or what was upstairs. She could not even know what vehicle began to honk. She didn’t know and could not possibly have heard the brief conversation I had with the woman upstairs. The door was closed, the noise from the truck was quite loud, obliterating any way her human ears could have overheard what I said and even less of a possibility she could have heard the woman upstairs.

And yet, her Higher Self, her Healing Team, knew all of this, and the explanation made perfect sense. It is a wonderful memory. I will never forget the validations that come from this work!

So if I had a chance to talk to future tenants I would tell them this story. Or I might tell them another magical one. Or, if they didn’t seem open to any of that for whatever reason, I would simply tell them that I spent 9 years of my life in this space focusing upon healing and love for others and the world, and I hoped they could feel that when they walk in. When I leave those keys today I will take these wonderful stories with me. But I will leave only this one visible mark of Love:

LOVE stamped into the tin floor patch


  1. Maddie on January 20, 2023 at 8:23 am

    Oh, I SO love this, Candace! We are all moving on, after transmuting for ourselves and others. Anxious to hear what comes next for you! Much love….. Maddie

  2. Eva Reese on January 20, 2023 at 11:26 am

    A beautiful story to remind us all that we/us ripple farther than we can possibly know. Let us remain open in consciousness to these LOVE potentials. Thanks so much for I/We appreciate these stories.

  3. Tom on January 20, 2023 at 12:26 pm

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing story!

  4. Karin Giabbai on January 21, 2023 at 9:14 am

    Love your posts, Candace! Beautiful writing.
    Thank you!

    • candacecrawgoldman on March 7, 2023 at 1:54 pm

      What a lovely comment. Thank you Karin!