"Love, from My Soul to Yours" – Tiger Singleton

Communicating from an open heart.

So many of us out here are talking about that concept. We lecture. We create classes and workshops. We preach and have lengthy conversations. Examples are presented, stories are told and advice is given.

Still, some are unsure. What exactly does that feel like? What does it mean to have an open heart?

Tiger Singleton takes five minutes out of his day and opens his heart and offers the love of his soul to the entire world in this video where he speaks not a single word. He simply looks into the eyes of his fellow human and invites them, invites you, to open your heart and feel the love.

What a gift for us all. Thank you Tiger. Happy to know you and I return the love from my own heart and soul.

With joy and gratitude, Candace. 🙂

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