OBE View of Earth- Nov. 3, 2020

Yesterday as I prepared for sleep, as so many others were doing in this great nation of ours, I took a deep breath. How will tomorrow, November 3, 2020 present itself? What will happen? I asked for a significant dream. One that I might possibly share with others.

I stilled my body and closed my eyes and that’s when the vibrations began. I was not at all expecting what happened next.

It has been a while since I had a spontaneous OBE, (Out of Body Experience) I wasn’t even asleep yet, but I felt the familiar sweeping energy and excitement as I knew exactly what was about to happen. Typically it is at this point one can focus on a destination or being to connect with, a way to have input on the experience.

I was just at the point of considering this when I shot straight up out of my body, through the ceiling and our new green shingled roof, up above our Kansas farm, up up up. Far more powerfully and far faster than I recall ever leaving my body before. It was like being on a rocketship ride.Up into the atmosphere, I flew and I could see sun shining on the other side of the planet, Faster and faster and so straight was my trajectory, I felt myself rise quite a bit higher than most typical OBE’s for me, for sure.

I was rising still so far and so fast the rocket energy was not abating at all. The energy pushing me up was so strong. It didn’t seem like I could turn or control where I was headed. I was not fearful or concerned but I was incredibly curious. What was happening? What sort of energy was this? What massive force was behind my rocket ride?

After a time and some distance the energy did scale back and become more gentle. I could still feel it but I could- finally, control a bit of my own movement. I slowed. I floated. I stopped and turned to look back at the planet, that was now fully visible below me.

The sight took my breath (and this is said metaphorically as I was not in my body) What I saw was this incredible brilliant and colorfully tinged but crystal clear pulsing energy emanating from the Earth. The best way I can think to describe what I saw was something akin to a clean, clear, rainbow colored and yet mostly pink tinged soap bubble. It was pulsing out, dissipating out into the universe and beginning again, pulsing out and dissipating again.Over and over. I watched this strong and lovely energy push out and up from our beautiful blue planet. It was this energy that propelled me from my body and my bed, those physical and material things that remained far below me at the moment in the heartland of America.

What was this energy? What was I watching? What could be so strong and so encompassing on our planet?

It was then that I knew what it was.It was LOVE. It was Love. It was also Compassion. It was Freedom, It was Autonomy and it was Self Determination. It was Family. It was Gaia. It was the Forces of Nature. It was our Creator. It was an incredible Yearning for the next phase of Ascension for Humanity to finally and fully begin.

But it was absolutely and without doubt- Pure and profound LOVE most of all because all of those other things are created and indeed are sustained by Love energy.

Watching the energy and seeing the planet bathed in such spectacular and brilliant waves of love, I felt the pull to return begin and an opening to the bubble appeared and I quickly but gently slid down a buoyant and slippery tunnel back down through the atmosphere, back to the heartland of America, back to Kansas, back to the farmhouse and back to my bed and my body with a small jolt and I awoke with tears streaming down my face.

This morning I feel such an expansive and floating heart energy I wonder if I might not just lift up off the planet again!

Whatever happens- with this momentous day, or in the weeks to come. No matter what presents- I wish for you, for each and every one of you, So. Much. Love.

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