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The Organic Human

As I pondered titling this webinar offering, this opportunity to come together and expand and heal us all, I knew I would use the two words, “Organic” and “Human” in the title. I considered: Return of the Organic Human. But that was not quite right, because this is deeper, and more connected than a simple… Read more »

"NOW, made with Genetically Modified Ingredients!"

Ever seen that on a food label? Of course you haven’t. The Big Food Corporations know we as humans intrinsically know better and would, if given a choice, avoid such foods. Demand that choice! This is just a personal opinion, but I think God makes better seeds than GMO $cientists. Every day I drive past… Read more »

Organics Matter if You’d Rather Not Be Sterile

Of course you can think of this as some really good news. If you don’t want children, just keep buying conventionally grown food. This former pig farmer takes a few (12) minutes to describe how his pigs, and multiple other farmers who fed the same GMO corn to their pigs, had 80-100% sterile rate in… Read more »

Eating Organically. A Child’s Lesson.

Most people I know still buy conventional food. Why? Well you know why. Either they don’t know or care about organic food or they use the ever popular reason:  “Its cheaper.” Hmmm. Well what price for your health? And possibly, the health of your future progeny? Here is a youtube clip of an adorable young… Read more »

Canary in a Coalmine or Parakeet in your Kitchen?

In days of old, caged canaries would be carried by mining workers down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. Sad for the canaries, but an effective safety device for the miners. Today you… Read more »

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Question: When is Corn, not "really" Corn?

Answer:  When its GMO corn laced with thiamethoxam (a systemic neonicotinoid INSECTICIDE), and azoxystrobin, carboxin, fludioxonil and mefenoxam, all four, fungicides.  Careful not to touch this sweet corn while planting. Never mind that you are supposed to eat it eventually, just don’t touch it while its in this state. Seriously. These are corn kernels? Does… Read more »

Organics? Can't Trust 'Em!

The following conversation took place in a local grocery store in Andover, Kansas, USA. Young Cashier -“Wow, it looks like all of your food order is organic.” Me- “Yes. Its nice your store has made more organic choices available.” Young Cashier – “Hm. Me?  (As she squints suspiciously at my bundle of broccoli) I just… Read more »

Self Sufficiency = Freedom

Self-sufficiency is the greatest fear of the global oligarchy. What can you do when you see the world around you changing, institutions toppling, monetary systems crumbling? What will you do when government and others demand your compliance and threaten your freedom? With the use of the internet we have already begun to take back the… Read more »

A First: Brand Name Product Mentioned During Regression

In my work as a Regressionist, I hear many fantastic and out-of-this-world stories. People visit and re-visit many different lives and experiences and I go with them to the past, to parallel lives, to the future and even to other planets and different dimensions and realities. After reviewing this experience, we talk to the “Higher… Read more »