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Me On Tree

Squirrel Highways and Bird Flyways

The trees. They have been speaking. Now, this is nothing terribly new, its only that have most recently raised their voices. That, and we humans are able to hear them more clearly. If that is what we desire. I’ve long been accustomed to the communication of animals, both wild and domestic, and oftentimes I have… Read more »

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When Will Things Change? Part 2

I stopped short and unmoving, my eyes fixated upon the snake. It was small but it was definitely a rattler. Diamond head topping the grey rattlesnake pattern and a single tiny rattle at the end of its tail. It was very still. Alive or dead? I wasn’t sure yet. I waited and watched. Prairie rattlers… Read more »

Prairie Rattler Small

When Will Things Change?

Hi Dolores. Its cleaning day- there are many chores to be done. You can listen as you go about your business. -Okay. Your energy field is becoming more finely tuned. This has many benefits for your life and your work, but it also means your body vehicle, in its partnership with you, has become even… Read more »

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Gone Small

It’s Gone! A Manifesting Miracle.

Yesterday morning I hopped into my truck to head to town for supplies. It was a warm but windy day here in rural Kansas, the southerly winds were picking up dust and dirt off the dry ground but it was sunny and pleasant nonetheless, with not a cloud in the sky. I drove towards the… Read more »

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Odin, an Earplug, Surgery and Energy Medicine

Did you know that some cats have a thing for human ear wax? Its a sort of feline fetish. Odd, I know, but google it if you want and you will find all kinds of stories. Even with all the cats we have had and known in our lives, this was news to me. Our… Read more »

Hello. I CAN see you!

There is something quite lovely about “tractor time”. Sure you have to deal with the engine noise, but otherwise it can be quite meditative. While mowing the Western pasture, a task that has taken several days and many hours, I kept having a sense of being, well, not alone. And, of course I wasn’t alone… Read more »

"The Quantum Field Responds NOT to what we WANT…

…it responds to who we are being.“-Dr. Joe Dispenza It has been said that this is universal law: What you send out as a vibration, you will receive back by the universe. Perhaps, you have also heard this update on the concept: It is easier now than ever before to manifest because the universe, the… Read more »

A Short Tale about Adam and Dowsing

Last summer our son Dylan and his best friend Adam came to visit Atira Moon. It was wonderful to see them, and particularly nice to have two strong healthy young men available to pitch in with chores. The first day of their visit we were contemplating what sorts of things to accomplish. Number one on… Read more »