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Blogging about ET encounters…am I crazy?

Sherry Wilde is one of Dolores Cannon’s authors. Her book, “The Forgotten Promise” is about her ET experiences. Many of my Quantum Healing clients come to me for this reason. It is far more common than you might imagine. Sherry details her experience clearly and matter-of-factly. This is REAL folks and as Sherry says, if… Read more »

My Apologies to Mr. B

Long ago, when I was a young teenager, it happened that I accompanied a friend to their home after school one day. When we walked into the house it was apparent something significant was occurring. My friend’s parents were sitting at the kitchen table across from each other tightly holding hands. The father was crying.… Read more »

Missing Time in Roswell

The drive from Alamogordo, New Mexico, to southeast Kansas has been made many times by our family over the years. Tom and I lived there, and our daughter was born in Alamogordo in the early 1990’s. Currently when we have occasion to drive between Kansas and the California coast, we stop overnight at a lovely… Read more »

Hello. I CAN see you!

There is something quite lovely about “tractor time”. Sure you have to deal with the engine noise, but otherwise it can be quite meditative. While mowing the Western pasture, a task that has taken several days and many hours, I kept having a sense of being, well, not alone. And, of course I wasn’t alone… Read more »

Are You an ET Experiencer?

A great deal of my clients are. Actually a few of my really good friends are as well. There are more of them out there than you might imagine.  Many keep their stories, their out-of-this-world memories to themselves, out of the fear of being ostracised. Many, like our friend Steven Jones, author of An Invitation… Read more »

Steven Jones and Visitors to Atira Moon

Steven Jones and his lovely wife Anne Ashley Jones are in America once again in 2011 on Book Tour number 2. His first official engagement and book talk will be held in Wichita tomorrow night, Friday October 21, 2011 at building 62 in Clifton Square, and here is the official invitation. Please know the public… Read more »