Questions from a Reader regarding Quantum Healing Training

Hello Candace I am joyfully considering taking the Quantum Healing courses and I wondered if I might ask you a few questions. Have you had sessions yourself and how did you feel about them? When doing your Level 1 did you find it comfortable to actually do sessions? How long are your sessions usually? How… Read more »

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Nikkie Gray: "What I Learned From Dolores Cannon’s Work & How It Changed My Life"

The following is an article written by Nikkie Gray. I read it a few days ago via Consciousness-Evolution. As a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing, I would have to state that many, if not most of my clients sit down in the chair for their Quantum Healing session appointment and repeat Nikkie’s… Read more »

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The Oracle in Delphi – Volunteers from Sirius – Power from Source -Miriam Magdala – Healing Vortex

The following article was written by my **Quantum Healing colleague Tom Arild Waagbø who lives and practices in Norway. Not all sessions are like this, but a great many are, and they are unforgettable! Thank you Tom, and thank you to your client, for sharing this amazing session story. The Oracle in Delphi – Volunteers from… Read more »

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A Quantum Healing Christmas Story, Part 4

In Part 4 of this Quantum Healing Christmas Story, (all parts, including Part One and Part Two and Part Three can be read by clicking the links in this sentence) Jay provided some background information about the man, his traveling companions and from where he had come. He was describing the light that they followed… Read more »

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