Contact within a Dream Part 2

Standing back at the side of the spaceship and looking at Kismet, licking her paw, I then sensed a communication from within the craft. It wasn’t audible, it was telepathic. It was brief and it was the only direct communication I received in the dream “You are in the beginning stages of true human multidimensional expansion.”

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Contact within a Dream

disc shaped spacecraft near house with trees photo illustration

What kind of experience WAS this anyway? I was most lucid in this dream. I was asking logical questions, despite the “Kilroy” thought.

I knew that in the house before me, I had, just 3 days prior, been in a consciousness exploration experience with my friends Will and Allison Brown.

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Strataca is an underground salt mine museum. Way underground. Like, way, way underground, as in 65 stories underground. A truly unnatural place for a human to venture, I have been working myself up for the experience.

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Daddy’s Request Part 4 of 4.

Daddy moved in with us here at the farm at my total and complete insistence against his natural reaction to decline, and he would probably never have directly asked me to upend our life in any way to take care of him at all. Its almost like he made a silent pact with himself to not be too much of a bother.

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Dolores and the Round Hotel. Part 5.

Then I recalled  a memory of my own mother Eva telling me about Rosa. She had very few memories of her of course as she was only 4 years old when Rosa died. I knew she was frail. I knew she died of TB, but was there more to know?

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Dolores and the Round Hotel. Part 3

I found myself sitting in the circle again. This time I sat directly on the floor. Dolores just seemed to be watching me, waiting. Both suitcases were in front of me. Side by side. The blue suitcase was boxier and smaller, and as I recall, somewhat lighter than the brown suitcase. One of the 3…

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