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The Organic Human

As I pondered titling this webinar offering, this opportunity to come together and expand and heal us all, I knew I would use the two words, “Organic” and “Human” in the title. I considered: Return of the Organic Human. But that was not quite right, because this is deeper, and more connected than a simple… Read more »

Nikkie Gray: "What I Learned From Dolores Cannon’s Work & How It Changed My Life"

The following is an article written by Nikkie Gray. I read it a few days ago via Consciousness-Evolution. As a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing, I would have to state that many, if not most of my clients sit down in the chair for their Quantum Healing session appointment and repeat Nikkie’s… Read more »

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Ebola: Real or Fear Porn?

The following blog by Laura Bruno has some wonderful points about this subject. I have copied and pasted part of her article below and the link to the full blog. Most of that New Age mumbo jumbo is (intentional) rubbish, designed to distract and steer you away from real wisdom when you get too close… Read more »

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You can DO it!

So many of you out there, so poised to WAKE UP…you can DO it, you can, you can I know you can! And when you peek behind that curtain, so MUCH about reality will make so much sense. Here is a clue: If you are still picking “sides” you are not quite there yet. If… Read more »